I have been learning about herbs for over 20 years. Mostly self-taught, I am continuously learning by experimenting. I love how different herbs affect different people differently. The healing possibilities of herbs are infinite, depending on how they are combined, how they are used and who is using them.

I also love the world of self-employment as my livelihood. Doing business with feminine principles of allowing guidance, working in co-operation and developing healthy communication skills are passions of mine.

You can find me at markets during the summer months as I believe strongly that a healthy society has lively markets. You can also find me on long meditative walks with my four legged dog friend, Colt.  

Family life is a priority for me, and my two children and husband rejoice in this. I love my life in the Kootenays, it is a life full of beautiful community reflections, abundant nature and healthy lifestyle choices that enable me to grow and blossom happily.